These images reflect the diversity of what I see here in Monterey County.  They were all photographed in Carmel Valley, most of them spontaneously, and some via my iPhone (a remarkably present, ready and facile camera).

I hadn’t set out to do a project, a series; these images have just come to me over the course of a couple of years and it made sense after a while to combine them, as I have done here.

They were on display at the Monterey Public Library in April and May of this year.  A photograph of their layout is on my “Welcome” page, above (click here on “Welcome” to see it).  The images go together well, though their layout was not pre-planned.  It presented itself to me as I spread them out, framed, on the floor at home.


Exhibition, Monterey Public Library, Monterey, California, April 18 - May 31, 2017